If you haven’t played online roulette, or any online game for that matter, the first thing you need to do is find out where’s the best site to try your luck. The second thing of course is that you need to know how to play online roulette. Finding the right site guarantees that you learn the best roulette strategies so you can play it to win it.

Game that will let you spin without placing a wager

Most people would say that playing online roulette is a waste of time, especially if you’re just there to earn money. This is the game where the odds of winning are considerably less than when you’re playing blackjack where your odds are at almost 50%. But then roulette is preferred by most because of a few simple reasons – this is the game where the only way to play is to place a bet and roulette is the only game that will let you spin without placing a wager. You can let your bets ride and if you’re clever enough, avoid a possible loss in your next round and increase your chances of winning by a significant percentage. However, whether you win or lose, you get a sense of balance by applying certain roulette strategies.

Doubling Method

For beginners, you start by using the Doubling Method, which is done by placing your bets on the red and black fields, choose a color, and begin placing your wagers on that field. You can start by betting $1 and if you win, you can start again. If you lose, you double your initial wager ($2) on the succeeding round, but this time if you win, you should go back again to betting $1. If you lose again, then you should double your wager again. The trick here is to see the losing streak: you should see the same color appear five times. This is a strategy often used so casinos can battle against it.

Now going on to more advanced online roulette strategies, there’s the Dozens Roulette System, where you place wagers by the rows and dozens on a 1:2 ratio. Wait for seven rounds instead of five, then start placing bets when the rows or dozens have not appeared seven times repeatedly. And since there is a likely chance that you will gain thrice your original bet if you win, minimal increases in bets will suffice. The odds of winning with this strategy are almost at 100%.

Professional Trick

And then of course, for the more seasoned players, there’s the Professional Trick which is best applied if you are given by the online casino initial winnings to start with. You can start by placing small bets and if you win, start placing considerably larger amounts depending on your financial ability as you will not last 4 to 5 rounds. This technique can easily backfire if you become too hasty with your bets, but can just as easily allow you a substantial win within 15 to 20 minutes of playing.

Also remember to take note of high bets so you don’t go over the maximum allowed. Since you can adjust the amount of your bets depending on how much money you have, being prudent and careful may be your best bets to win.