If you want to earn huge money prizes in the casinos, then Microgaming is something to try on. Your dream of winning a good amount of money on the slot machines can now come true as you always wished. The whole world of this micro gaming is a billion dollar business. Also, the chances of winning are more with lesser number of risks involved. Online Microgaming is a huge craze amongst the players, and the casinos have set their business in this almost everywhere. Almost each and every month, new game are released worldwide on the Internet and this is attracting billions of players and newcomers from across every corner of the world.

What makes it so aesthetically appealing are the features like high graphic and user interactive features, superb sound system, and top class animation. Thus, it is so much in demand and makes in stand far above the competition level, unlike other games. These games also offer various discounted prizes and free spin to the players, which are not in vain but have been proven useful. Also, it provides you free bonus payouts to play further. These are some factors that add to its already risen demand.

Today we are going to be speaking about the differences between Playtech and Microgaming. These are both software providers for online casinos and they are two of the biggest players.

All online casinos rely on software to determine their games and they always go to a software provider to get it. This means that all the casinos that use the same software are very similar in terms of game play experience.

You find that every casino that uses the same software looks the same set apart only by unique logos. However some casinos have responsive customer support and fast pay out times and this is what makes casinos from the same software provider very different overall.

Individual casinos however are not the focuses of this article, we weren’t to focus on Microgaming and Playtech casinos as a whole and the differences between them, especially with regards to roulette. The first difference we are going to point out is the fact that Microgaming have more versions of roulette games available than Playtech.

Most Playtech casinos offer French, European and American roulette and that’s all. Microgaming offer two versions of the French and European game as well as American roulette.

Most Microgaming casinos also have a jackpot game where one chip is taken on every spin and then you can win a jackpot if the same number keeps hitting. You also find that most Microgaming casinos have higher table limits than Playtech casinos.

Table limits are the amount you can bet on each spin. We’ve found that most Playtech casinos have a limit of 300 but some Microgaming casinos will let you go as high as 2000. One advantage that Playtech casinos have is the game play is much quicker.

Playtech allow you to turn the graphics off meaning that you can spin up to 200 times a minute but Microgaming can only manage around 30. This is a lot more appealing to most players especially if you’re using that requires a lot of spins and patience.

Our final opinion is that there is no winner between Playtech and Microgaming, both are very good.